Delivery Information

Delivery Information


All orders are delivered by GLS, our own van or DAO365, who ever you choose through the check out process.

Your order is delivered to the nearest parcel depot or to your doorstep by GLS Home Delivery Service.

We deliver your order to the nearest pickup point within 24 hours (weekdays) from receiving your order.

Parcel tracking information is sent to you by e-mail and/or TXT by the transport provider.

Did you pay with MobilePay? Don't forget to state your order ID in the 'Message' field.

We Deliver

We now offer deliveries with our own delivery van in Nordsjælland, Storkøbenhavn, København and Roskilde.

If you order for more than 600 dkr and the weight of the order exceeds 19 kg we can deliver at affordable prices.

We deliver to your doorstep, except apartment buildings where we deliver to the front door.

(often, when ordering beverages, the weight exceeds 19 kg.)

Postcode 1000-2999
100 dkr

Postcode 3000-3599

125 dkr

Postcode 3600-4000 (minus Bornholm)

80 dkr

We will contact you to arrange date and time of the delivery.

Split deliveries

We don't make split deliveries. If for some reason an ordered item is out of stock at order time, the whole order is shipped once the missing items are in stock again.

You will always be informed about back-orders by phone or e-mail


We don't accept returns which have not been accepted in our system. If you want to make a return go to the 'RETURNS' page and fill in the information.

We don't accept returns of opened packaging of consumables.